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Sobre un páramo sin voces

On Voices of a Bare Landscape
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Commissioned by Ana Cervantes.


Premiered in 17th October 2006 at Festival Internacional Cervantino, by Ana Cervantes.

Programme Note

Through Ana Cervantes’initiative, I buried myself  once again in the marvelous sotories of the Burning Plain and transported myself deep into the heart of Mexico. Each and every one of thiese stories presents a plethora of possibilities to explore. Rulfo is a writer that describes not only lanscapes and rescues the Mexican colloquialisms, his descriptions are also full of sounds. In this pieces I didn’t only illustrate his sound descriptions, I’ve also explored the dramatic posibilities of his characters in stories like The Heritage of Matilde Arcangel and the desolate landscapes of The bunring Plain; it was in these two stories where I found my musical inspiration for this piece.