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Written in:
Flute (+bass flute), A clarinet (+bass clarinet), piano, violin, viola and cello.
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Written for the 25th Anniversary celebrations of Traiettorie Festival.Funded by Sistema Nacional de Creadores de Arte, Mexico.


Premiered on Thursday 3rd November 2016 by Ensemble Recherche at Casa de la Musica, Parma, Italy

Programme Note

In writing Siphonophorae I allow myself to go through a process of discovery, which led me to find contrasting shapes and ideas, but always following a thread that unites them. During the compositional process the sculpture of Thomas Glassford of the same title, which I had seen a few weeks before at the Museo del Chopo in Mexico City, came to mind. This is a very large piece of work whose imaginative shapes are part of a whole body. The title of both the sculpture and my piece is taken from the scientific name for a sea coelenterate, which has many tentacles of different shapes.