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flute (+piccolo & bass flute), clarinet (+bass cl.), horn, percussion, piano, violin, viola, cello, double bass, electronics
Commisioned by

Commissioned by “Integra – Fusing music and technology”, an EU funded project led by Birmingham Conservatoire, UK and by Grup Instrumental de Valencia.


Premiered on 12th May 2011, in Sala Martín i Soler del Palau de les Arts, Valencia at Festival ENSEMS by Grup Instrumental de Valencia conducted by Joan Cerveró with a choreography by Ana Luján who dance with Toni Aparisi.

Programme Note

As in my Homenaje a Remedios Varo a work for ensemble from 1995, I found again in the paintings of the Spanish surrealist Varo a wealth of inspiration, which allowed  choreographer Ana Luján and me to explore our own creative possibilities and to begin our creative dialogue.

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Revelación is not a work that attempts to illustrate particular paintings. From the beginning of the creation of this work, we knew that we would embark on creating an original work taking only as a meeting point of departure that of Varo’s works.

The ideas of different concepts of time, reflected on the different pulses beating against each other and the idea of absence, which is reflected on the ‘absent’ solos of the clarinet and horn which are brought back by sensors, are probably the only two ideas more strongly associated with her paintings.The musical ideas made it possible for the piece to have a life of its own and it can be performed without choreography.