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Premiered in May 1986 at the Guildhall Contemporary Music Festival, London by Hisako Tokue.

Programme Note

It was in this piece that Paredes first attempted to write a work combining ‘open’ and ‘closed’ structural forms: that is, music whose structure is partly determined by the composer, and partly left to the choice of the performer. The piece consists of seven sections; sections 2, 4, and 7 themselves consists of two alternate passages, only one of which is to be performed. The remaining sections are to be performed in the normal way.

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While writing this piece, Paredes encountered by chance poems entitled Poesia Permutante by the Argentinian writer Julio Cortazar.  These poems consist of a series of four-line  stanzas designed to be read in any order. Because of the realities of grammar and syntax, the stanzas nevertheless form a larger poem which may be circular, but which always moves and develops in a distinct direction. This ideas mirrored Paredes’ own thoughts on composing alternative passages of music, each of which could fit equally validly into, as it were, fixed narrative elements.    

– David Alberman