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Páramo de voces

Voices of a Bare Landscape
Written in:
piano and electronics (tape)
Commisioned by

Commissioned by Ian Pace with funds provided by RVW Trust. Published by UYMP.


Premiered on 10th May 2006 at Blackheath Halls, London by Ian Pace.

Programme Note

Páramo de voces (Voices of Páramo), is a dialogue, tightly and evocatively imagined, between piano and recorded sound, the latter extending the piano’s sonorities, as at the start, or providing invitations in the form of auras or images, sometimes taking the performer’s hands inside the instrument.  Composed in 2006, the piece again finds its source in mid-twentieth-century Mexican culture, in this case two books by Juan Rulfo: his novel Pedro Páramo and story collection The Plain in Flames.

– Paul Griffiths