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Óox p’eel ikil t’aan

Three Poems
Written in:
for trumpet (+flugelhorn), percussion (one player), tape and live electronics.
Commisioned by

Written for Robyn Schulkowsky, Reinhold Friedrich and the Experimental Studio of the SWR.


Choreography by Joel Valentin-Martinez. Performed by Luna Negra Dance Theatre, Performed at The Harris for Music and Dance, Chicago on 18th November 2010.

Programme Note

Based on three poems in contemporary Mayan language read by the author Briceida Cuevas, who has been previously recorded. I have chosen to explore her readings of her poems in Mayan to expand the phonetic resonances of the Mayan language. The music evolves by bringing to the foreground the emphasis she gives to her imagery by means of the sound of its syllables and unique guttural qualities of the language, which enrich the music rhythmically as well as in timbre.Choreographed by Joel Valentin-Martinez.