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Written in:
ca. 18'
Percussion (0ne player) :2 Tom-toms (low and medium), 2 log drums (low and medium),guiro, rain stick, wood block, large suspended cymbal, large tam-tam.2 temple bells: Eb & Bb, 5 temple blocks, wind chimes, waterphone, vibraphone, marimba, 1 timpani (29-28 inch); piano and double bass (5 strings)
Commisioned by

Berlin Philharmonic for KlangArt 2020 (Now  ensemble Nukleus from the Berlin Philharmonic)


Kammermusik Saal at  Philharmonie Berlin.

With percussionist Jan Schlichte, Heike Gneiting, piano and double bassist Martin Heinze.

Programme Note

Death takes you like a bird takes the noose,                                                                                   …forever, he’s got you down. – Flowers the people, just flowers.

The musicians of Klang Art offered this Bornemizsa quote as a starting idea, which I connected to the Day of the Death in Mexico.


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Ofrendas makes a reference to the offerings displayed at the end of October and beginning of November in Mexico for people who have passed. This are made with marigolds and an array of tributes of objects or food that people liked in their lifetime.

Each of the three movements is dedicated to a different friend/colleague who has passed in recent times: the double bass virtuoso Stefano Scodanibbio,  the composer Dimitri Smirnov, and the film composer Ennio Morricone