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ca. 20 '
For flute (+bass flute), A clarinet (+bass clarinet), violin, cello, piano, percussion (1 player), and electronics
Commisioned by

Commissioned by Taller Sonoro for their twentieth anniversary, with funds provided by Ernst von Siemens Foundation and Ibermúsicas in 2020. The technological part was realised in collaboration with Thomas Hummel of the Heinrich Ströbel Experimentalstudio of the SWR Freiburg and the spatialisation in collaboration with Javier Campaña.

Espacio Turina. Sala Silvio. Sevilla Pl. de S. Francisco, 19
Taller Sonoro: Jesús Sánchez Valladares, flute. Camilo Irizo, clarinet. J. Baldomero Llorens, percussion. Ignacio Torner, piano. Alejandro Tuñón, violin. Mª del Carmen Coronado, cello. Javier Campaña, electronics.

Live recording of the premier with Taller Sonoro on the 20th of November 2021 at Festival Encuentros Sonoros.

Programme Note

The work explores the abilities of the musicians and their instruments which are enhanced through the transformation of granulation and filtering processes that enhance different areas of the harmonic sound spectrum at various points in the work.

In addition to the quadraphonic spatialisation, the score also includes the acoustic movement on and off stage of the brass instruments, as a poetic metaphor for the difficult times we have been going through.


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Epitafio was written in memory of my mother who passed away in Mexico City at the beginning of 2021, far away from me and with the impossibility of travelling in the times of Covid, I wanted to pay this tribute to an exceptional woman.