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Cuerdas del destino

Strings of Destiny
Written in:
string quartet
Commisioned by

Commissioned by Ultima Festival in Oslo 2008 and Traettoria, Parma. Funded by Ultima Festival.


Premiered on 5 October 2008 at Auditorium Paganini, Parma at the Festival Traiettorie by The Arditti Quartet.

Programme Note

Cuerdas del destino is Paredes’s second string quartet, following Uy u T’an (‘Listen how they talk’, 1998). Where in that earlier work she mobilized the instruments as characters in a play, this time they are conjoined, strung together, moving through phases that are quite different from one another and yet linked, each emerging from the last, until the end, as if indeed the music were pulled, pulling itself, through its attachment to ‘strings of destiny’.

– Paul Griffiths