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Canciones sobre poemas de Eduardo Hurtado

Globo, Luciérnagas, Faro
Songs on poems by Eduardo Hurtado: Balloon, Fireflies, Lighthouse
Written in:
ca. 17'
Soprano or mezzosoprano, flute, clarinet and piano
Commisioned by

Ensemble 3


Premiered by Soprano Lourdes Ambriz, Salvador Torre, flute, Fernando Dominguez, clarinet and Mauricio Nader, piano.

Programme Note

The songs were originally written for the Mexican mezzo Adriana Díaz de León and the pianist Oscar Tarragó, but have since been revised.

The instrumental version for soprano, flute, clarinete and piano, was written in 2012 for Lourdes Ambriz and Ensamble 3.