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Bitácora capilar

Capillary Logbook
Written in:
string quartet
Commisioned by

Commission funded by the PRSF ‘Women Make Music’ Award.


Premiered on 26th April 2014 at Milton Court theatre, Barbican, London by the Arditti Quartet during their 40th anniversary celebrations.

Programme Note

Paredes has written several works for the Ardittis, including three quartets, beginning with Uy u T’an (Listen how they talk, 1998) and Cuerdas del destino (Strings of destiny 2007-8). This new piece follows on from the latter as a single sweep through several kinds of music, a journey that visits different musical territories, their differences provoking crisis and unexpected resolution.

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Bitácora capilar differs from its predecessors, however, in its intimacy. As Irvine Arditti’s wife, Paredes has witnessed the quartet’s activity over the last two decades at close quarters and this work is partly a record of that, a bitácora being a ship’s log. Moreover, her personal relationship makes this ‘capilary log’, recorded in the finest threads of her bloodstream.

– Paul Griffiths.