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Hilda Paredes’ Harriet by Music Theatre Group Transparant has been chosen by Dutch critic Joep Stapel from NRC paper as number 1 on the Best classical music list of 2018 Link
Harriet Wish

Señales a, new CD (mode 292) of first recordings, Hilda Paredes’ third CD on Mode Records, has been released.Senales
It features three chamber works and two solo works, all written between 1995 and 2013. The violin concerto Señales (Signals) (2012), a hommage to Jonathan Harvey, was recorded by Irvine Arditti with Ensemble Signal and conducted by Brad Lubman, at the Slee Concert Hall, University at Buffalo and commissioned by Miller Theatre in New York for their portrait series in 2012. Steve Smith reviewed the première in the New York Times: “From a lapping, splashing introduction, the music …. played by a 10-member ensemble that included an ear-tickling mix of cimbalom, harp and marimba …. rippled, surged and jolted ceaselessly around Mr. Arditti’s flashing exertions. Time stood still repeatedly during haunting interludes that paid homage to another composer, Jonathan Harvey.”

Páramo de voces (Voices of a wasteland) (2006), performed by Alberto Rosado, is a dialogue between piano and recorded sound, the latter extending the piano’s sonorities or providing invitations in the form of auras or images inspired in the stories of the Mexican writer Juan Rulfo.

Intermezzo malinconico (2013), for bass clarinet, has some very novel effects, beginning with percussive attacks in a low register, a ‘noisy breathy staccato effect …’, created by placing the tongue between the lips whilst playing. Notes rise or fall by eighth or quarter tones, the clarinetist plays dissonant chords by using multiphonics and even makes a ‘kiss type sound, produced by explosively opening the lips which are sucking firmly on the mouth piece’.

The two other chamber works on the CD, Homenaje a Remedios Varo (1995-96) for mixed sextet (scored for the instrumentation of Schoenberg’s Pierrot Lunaire plus percussion) and Recuerdos del Porvenir (2006) for mixed ensemble of eight players and based on the cantus firmus In nomine, are performed by Ensemble Recherche.

The liner notes are written by Paul Griffiths and the cover photo taken by the Hasselblad award winning Mexican photographer Graciela Iturbide.

Mode CD 292 is available now direct from Mode Records: :
and from Amazon, on CD or as a download.

New Review of Toronto concert
The next piece, by Mexican composer Hilda Paredes, Cuerdas del destino (2007-8), was an intriguing counterpoint to the rest of the works in the program, since it simultaneously affirmed and denied the aesthetic of the other composers in the programme. Paredes’ music, though also rhythmically complex and rife with extended string techniques, was more flexibly organic than the rest of the programme, with its graceful glissandos, col legno and toneless bowing.

You are invited to attend this event which is free and open to the public – no booking required.

Directions in Musical Research seminar
Monday 10 March, 17:00-18:30
Chancellor’s Hall, Senate House

Hilda Paredes
Cultural Roots: connecting time and place in musical composition

To be followed by a short concert with Irvine Arditti, violin
Hilda Paredes: In memoriam Thomas Kakuska

Institute of Musical Research
School of Advanced Study
University of London
Senate House
Malet Street
London WC1E 7HU
Tel: 020 7664 4865
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We are proud to announce that the PRS for Music Foundation Women Make Music has awarded funding for Hilda Paredes to write her third string quartet.

This new work will be premiered in the 40th Anniversary celebrations of the Arditti
String Quartet.
Her third string quartet will be the only large-scale work, which will
be premiered in 2014 at the Barbican's new chamber music hall, Milton Court April
26th 2014.
This unique event will gather repertoire by composers who have written for the
group over the last 40 years and have had a long standing collaboration with this
unique UK based Quartet who have undoubtedly left a mark in the history of music.

The Arditti String Quartet gratefully acknowledges financial support from PRS for
Music Foundation to be able to commission Hilda Paredes for this occasion.


Sobre un paramo sin voces
12th may 2011 -
Days Grame with pianist Candida Felici
Lyon (Amphi Opera)

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5th February 2011
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Canciones sobre poemas de Eduardo Hurtado
11 june 2011 at 12:00 noon-
mezzosoprano Rebeca Samaniego
Sala Ponce of Palacio de Bellas Artes in Mexico City
Canciones lunaticas
29th October 2011 at 19:30
Jake Arditti and the Arditti String Quartet
Mozart Saal of the Konzert Haus Wien
Compositores Mexicanas Contemporaneos
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